Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Respect your mother

Always respect your mother because mother is the priceless gift of God and the sacrifices she beared for us is countless .so never react bad with your mother even if she is wrong or right 

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Crazy Hair Styles

There are different kind of peoples with different and unique thinking in this world and in the same way there are many many hair style which is basically invention of thoughts. Some peoples wants very decent looking and someone wants to have old hair style cut and in the same way there are many peoples who wants to get updated with hair styles so here you will see different hair style pictures but what i want to say is that my thinking is always adopt that hair style which suits you best whether it is old or new it must look good with your personality .

Friday, 5 February 2016

Search Engine optimization

Everyone wants that his website or blog should come in the first page of google .So whenever some one search about related topic his or her website should come at-least in the top 10 ranking of google first page .
       Now This whole process of optimizing your site is also called SEO and with the help of this SEO you can be on the top of search engine and now days the thing which is considered most is writing quality content and site meta tags and tags must be setup accordingly .Further SEO is also divided into two types one is called on page and another is off page optimization .

                    So the peoples who do not know about SEO word now you can understand that what is the purpose of it and why it is done .

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Wedding Ideas

Everyone face one time in his life when he or she have to plan for her or his wedding and the best thing is that everyone wants that there should be something special then others and this gives rise to new ideas and also new fashion in this world because of this unique thinking .

                             IF we talk about last 10 years there was not so much competition and there was not enough updates about everything on the internet from all over the work but now days even kids having tablets in their hands and what ever they want to search they are searching but important thing is that when ever you plan for your wedding it is very important that you have to do comparison and research about different thing used in wedding such as clothes , furniture , decoration , bridal dresses , cars , wedding halls everything which is needed should be searched on the internet as now there is very high competition and every one have maintained their profiles on internet .

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Insurance Guide

I am not here to discuss that what is insurance and how many types of insurance are available in the market but i want to bring this matter into every one notice that when ever you decide to have a insurance for you and your family then its very important to do comparison that how much cost you are bearing and what benefits you are getting in return .

                         Now days internet is the best medium to do research and comparison between different companies and also you can find what ever you need to find .Another good thing which i need to tell all my fans that now days its not a push method but insurance companies are more focusing on the pull method that a user can design insurance policy according to its own needs and then they quote you the cost of that .So do not miss this important research while taking decision of getting insurance .

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

New year Problems

Everyone knows that when ever new year starts then all of us receive messages for the best of luck and happy new year from all our relatives and friends because everyone is happy and try to give happiness to others also in new year but no body thinks that with the start of new year our life 1 year also passed and now for example if we have age of 50 then one more year is reduced with the start of new year .

     Everyone must also think like this i know its little bit wired but this is the reality that you must also think of the problems and difficulties which you are expecting in this new year because if you take care of your problems then happiness comes to life automatically because happiness and problems have indirect connection which very few peoples understand .

                     I wish everyone best of luck for their new year and pray that this new year brings all happiness in your life which you expect .

Monday, 4 January 2016

Happy New year 2016

Everyone i wish happy new year to all of you and may this year brings lot of happiness and achievements for you in your life .As now we have entered into 2016 so its our responsibility to revise all our plans and spend few hours in planning that what needs to be done in this year because this is very important for you and your family .Every one must plan from the starting that what they have to do in the coming months of 2016 .

                                       If you do not spend your time in planing what you have to do then it means that you are wasting your time and this is very popular saying that do not waste your time because time is your money .I hope everyone understand this and work for the betterment of life on day to day basis .Wish everyone best of luck .